Terms & Conditions

Installation, Equipment, taxes, additional fees and surcharges are on the top of the basic prices as mentioned on this website.
All the mentioned rates are subject to change without any prior notifitication by the concerned service provider.
Credit approval or prepayments for the orders may be required at the time of signup.
The packages mentioned on the websites may not be avaiable in all areas, please call us to confirm the availability by your address.
Every service provider has its own applicable service terms and conditions and would be applied on the service level and packages you have or order.
Promotional Prices are only for the promotional period and the standard rates will apply after the promotional offer period.
All the trade marks used on this website are belong to their respective trade mark owner/holders and belongs to them, we use them only to describe their rates and offers.
HD capabale equipment is required to view HD Progamming where available.
On demand/Pay per view programming varies by the level of service, pricing, rate and schedules which are subject to change without any notice by the concerned service proivders.
Internet Speeds may vary by area and time to time and depends on the location of the customer and level of service. Customer may not receive the speeds as advertised on this website.
No Data Caps or Capacity allowances are controlled and monitored by the concerned services providers. Fair usage policy may be applied by the concerned service providers.
Internet equipment may or may not be provided by the service provider and the level of service you order.
Home Phone or Voice service are landline services and could only be used with a wired connection.They are not the alternate to Mobile Phone services.
All the promotional rates are for 12 monthly normally and some of the service providers do offer 24 months of special promotions.
Based on the level of service, you will get TV channels that have an HD programming availability. However, you must need to verify your account credentials to additional stream streaming or online channels.
To offer available for the TV selection is for a limited time, and it may get change after the desired time.
The offer is valid for all customers who have not subscribed to another service in the previous 30 days.
All of the residential customers who have not subscribed to other services in the previous 30 days’ time period are qualified for new customer offers mentioned on our website.

All the Offers mentioned on this website may not be available in all Areas, so please contact us to check the availability.

New Customer Offers are only available for the qualifying customers only who have no outstanding obligations to the concerned service providers for whom services are being taken into consideration.

To qualify for the contract buyout program, a customer must order and install a qualifying Triple Play or limited Double Play promotion; offers not available in all areas. Offer available to qualifying customers only who have no outstanding obligations to Charter. Check amount will be determined by the early termination fee on the final bill from the previous provider, not to exceed $500. For contract buyout qualifications, go to Spectrum.com/buyout.